Some of the courses I have been invloved with at HUA DIT.

Below you may find a list of all the teaching activities I have been involved with.

Artificial Intelligence and its Applications on the Internet of Things - M.Sc.

As a teaching assistant alongside C.Diou, I assisted in this course which is part of the Informatics and Telematics postgraduate program. It explores how signals and data streams produced by IoT devices can be used to develop artificial intelligence applications, with a focus on training of classification and regression models.

Data Management II - M.Sc.

Along with C.Diou, we introduced students to the world of Machine Learning as a part of this course. Specifically, this course provides an introduction to basic concepts and definitions related to ML, such as data preparation Ordinary and Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees and Ensemble methods, Fully Connected Neural Networks and CNNs. In addition, students are introduced to well-known ML libraries, e.g. Scikit-Learn, Keras and Tensorflow. The course is included in the HUA Applied Informatics Postgraduate program.